Truce takes out AMC Networks Best Female Creator Award at 2023 Stareable Festival NYC


24 November 2023

Truce Films, and the team behind the Australian webseries Monologue, have been named as winners of AMC Networks’ Best Female Creator Award at the 2023 Stareable Festival held at the iconic Flea Theater in New York City. 

Made with support from Screen Australia and VicScreen, Monologue is a satirical office comedy set inside the walls of Australia's sixth most influential online pop culture magazine.

Directed by Stef Smith and Nicholas Clifford, and produced by Jim Wright, Elise Trenorden, Emma Roberts and Nick Melin, the Monologue team consisted of more than 50% female and non-binary talent, above and below the line. 

The six episode series can be binged here: https://www.monologuedigital.com.au/episodes/ 

Stareable Fest is the premier indie TV and webseries festival based in NYC and LA, with its goal to be a springboard for creators into the mainstream US TV industry. This marks their fourth year of teaming up with AMC Networks to showcase and amplify the innovative voices and emerging talent within underrepresented creator communities. 

The Best Female Creator Award is presented to eligible productions where the majority of the show's creators, directors and producer team is made up of women. 

Says Truce Partner Elise Trenorden, “We’re so proud to receive the award in recognition of not just the fantastic work, but as a reflection of the steps that the Truce team are taking to champion equality and inclusiveness, from development all the way through to post.”

The award is intended to be shared amongst the entire team involved in creating an inclusive production, with a full list credits available here. In addition, Monologue also recently took out Best Series, Best Comedy and Best Actor (for Emily Taheny) at Sydney Webfest, and has so far been an official selection in NZ Webfest, NYC Webfest, Bushwick Film Festival and Hollywood Series.

Special shout outs to the female or non-binary people involved: 

Producers: Elise Trenorden, Emma Roberts
Director: Stef Smith
Writers: Nina Oyama, Deirdre Fidge, Vidja Rajan

Cast: Emily Taheny, Alice Foulcher, Honor Wolffe, Yisha Wang, Angie Cuervo, Eden Young, Casey Domingo

Crew: Bianca Milani, Kristina Knab, Han Palmer, Paige Gibson, Sam Gan, Zoe Crawford, Flick Smith, Georgia Stewart, Steph Hooke, Maree Prokos,Caitlin Bryan, Rach Lewis, Grace Lockhart, Ella Argent, Charlotte Dobson, Emily Stacey, Georgia Wohlgemuth, Giulia Assenza, Julia Proctor, Jesse Brinkman Evans, Alison Telford

Post-Production: Lily Davis, Charlotte Griffiths, Meg Kennett, Jazmine Padarath, Zuleika Khan, Clare Monte, Gillian Crosby

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