Truce celebrates Halloween to a packed house of the living and undead


Campaign Brief
3 November 2022
Ricki Green

Truce Films kicked off its first annual Halloween Party on Friday evening, hosting a packed house of well dressed ghouls at its Collingwood studio.

DJs Wesley Ripe (Prad Sen), Jeffy J (Jeff Johnson), Gill Murray (Liam Gilmour), Randy Knuckles (Miranda Anzarut) and Daniel George had the crowd dragging their rotten and blood soaked bodies around the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning, only shuffling away to make it home before the dawn of a new day.

The $1000 Best Dressed award went to the one and only Julie Poulter for her rendition of Goldie Hawn in “Death Becomes Her”.

Truce would like to thank its generous suppliers; John Chinsami of Munchies for the incredible spread, LovesTruck mobile bar for keeping everyone well pickled, John Panetta for his lighting design, sound equipment and giant cross build,  Production Designer Kasia Silva and her team for making the dream a reality and Steve Leadbeater for the beautifully horrific invitation artwork.

Plans for 2023’s party are already underway. Based on the level of costumes this year, you should probably start planning…now.


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