Comedy director Tim Potter joins Truce roster


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4 October 2022
Ricki Green

Comedy director Tim Potter has joined Truce for representation.

Says Elise Trenorden, executive producer, Truce: “Exceptional comedic directing talent is hard to find, but Tim Potter fits that bill and we’re absolutely thrilled to find our golden goose and welcome him as one of the newest directors of the Truce Films team.”

The addition to the Truce roster becomes official after several flirtations over the last 12 months, including work for Vicks Vapodrops, Head & Shoulders and ANZ Cash Rewards.

Potter’s latest, for ANZ Cash Rewards, is a showcase of his ability to deliver comedy with heart, striking the balance between a sweet authenticity and a playful comedic touch.

Says Trenorden: “Tim is one of those directors that brings a unique voice and a clear vision, plus a sprinkle (or a big old bucket load) of absurdity when required. It’s always a good time to see what his brain conjures up. Clients love him.”

Potter’s work for Nissan Genuine Parts won Silver at the London International Awards and took home a Crystal at the Adstar Awards. He’s also delivered campaigns for the likes of Sorbent, Carlton Dry, Ford, Mobil, Sportsbet, Bakers Delight and more.

Potter’s also had great success with his narrative work, having won at Tropfest, written for ABC Comedy and been awarded the ABC iView Pitch Competition.

Says Potter: “My Grandma always advised me that if you’re going to hop into bed with someone, you want to make sure that they’re physically flexible, have plenty of sweet moves and know how to get into all those hidden nooks and crannies. She also said they’ve got to have heart, which is the raunchiest component of all.

“Ever since meeting Truce on the festival circuit, I’ve held a burning admiration – not only for their craft and tireless work ethic, but most of all, their people.

“Over the last year our courtship has enjoyed a seductive slow burn; from exchanging a few furtive glances, to hand holding, cheeky texts, grinding on the dance floor and then some sweaty tomfoolery that went deep into the night. After all that groundwork, it’s nice to finally say that we’re going steady. Grandma would be proud.”


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