AACTA spotlights The Handyman


AACTA Awards
23 August 2021

We chat with Elise Trenorden and Nick Clifford about THE HANDYMAN.

What inspired you to create THE HANDYMAN?

Nick: I wanted to explore the idea of how people can have a massive impact on someone without realising. Positive or negative.

What challenges did you face in creating this production?

Elise: As with all short films, losing key crew at the last minute to bigger productions is always an issue.

Also, the location that we fell in love with happen to be in a small country town, two hours from Melbourne. Which meant we had to accommodate and feed crew and cast for four days and nights - where there was few accommodation or catering options. It was a logistical challenge on a short film budget. The production team became caterers, baristas and cleaners on top of their roles.

What are you hoping audiences will take away from watching this film?

Nick: An understanding of how your actions can impact other people. Also, when you meet someone, it may be the worst day in their life, which might explain why they are acting the way they are.

Would you like to share anything else with us?

We had a great time making this. The crew and cast were all amazing people. While it was a challenge, if we had to do it all again, we would.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the film.


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